Personal Update

Apologies if you are one of the handful of people who check this regularly for my daily posting. Due to Midterms I have fallen behind posting. Hopefully all will be back to normal by the end of next week but posting will continue to be intermittent until then.

Thank you for Reading,

Thursday’s Update

Windows 11 Notepad Redesign

Credit for image goes to @FireCubeStudios on Twitter

This update is mainly, if not only in aesthetics but was much needed. Prior to this Notepad was rocking a decently Windows 8 look and was insufferable to use even if just for simple editing of a .config file, let alone doing anything substantial. Despite being a Mac user first, this update will make the work I do use Windows for a little less painful.

But if I can use this as a jumping off point; this update highlights some of the best features of the Windows 11 redesign, increased touch-ability, but wrapped in a sleek, modern design from the bottom up. This should be the model all Windows apps take moving forward. The big problem is that Windows isn’t taking this approach everywhere. The best example is if you right click on text in Windows 11, “Copy”, “Paste” and “Cut” no longer have words next to them in the menu, instead they are traded for simple icons. This can be gotten used to but is not user-friendly or expected behavior at all. It really brings into question is the Future of Windows 11, really to fix inconsistencies in Windows 10 or is it to stick us with a new layer of unusual UI for the decade?

This was inspired by this article by Andrew Cunningham.

Wednesday’s Special Tool

VNC Viewer

Honestly for me this one ended up being a surprise, but after I ended up accidentally running a machine learning process on my primary laptop that ended up taking several days, meaning that my computer had to be plugged in exclusively, this tool came to the rescue. The fact it is free for non-commercial use and allows me to remote into my laptop or desktop from even my phone or iPad is indispensable. Now with better planning I can put those same extreme workloads on my desktop and not worry about whether or not I can access them on the go. Even if you just have a laptop, and want access to only a couple things on the go I can not recommend this program more.

Tuesday’s Notable Interest

Facebook Down?

I have no particularly novel takes on what caused Facebook to go down on Monday. There are people far more specialized in Network protocols who can do a far better job than I could ever do, one of which is linked to by Stephen Hackett at 512 Pixels.

And while this story did strike my interest and led me to do some reading on what caused it or how much money was lost ($60 million), what hit me most was a remark Stephen Hackett made in the post linked above:

“I honestly think the world would be better off if they never came back up.”

This really makes you consider, “What even is Facebook?” or “What function does this serve?” Is it connecting us with others really? From my personal experience I don’t feel like I see people post that much of their own content on there. Is it entertainment? I mean, sometimes but overall its far from being the best in comparison to other forms of “Social Media”. Is it just ads? And us sharing those ads and redistributing those ads the same way that bee’s do pollen? Is this something that we really care about that much? Is it a net benefit?

Those questions are all pointless because it gets at the frustrating point that feels obvious and anyone could tell you. Facebook is overall “eh” and isn’t really worth the time, space, or consequences it causes us to deal with. But we continue to let it exist because “eh” is tolerable, and the negative effects don’t feel tangible.

The frustrating part is that we know that this isn’t good for us individually or overall, and as Stephen Hackett said, the world would be a better place, but sadly we don’t just tolerate but feed it, either through Facebook, What’s App, Instagram or Oculus. And because of this we have very little hope of it ever coming to an end, because we are all just so used to it.

(This post was made by a frequent Instagram Scroller who loves using the Oculus Rift, Dustin Bucher)

A Late Monday Photo and Story

Random Nights

Coming up I intend to post more regularly to the schedule I set forth, I think that consistency is my friend here. Today I want to talk about one of the more boring images in my camera roll. It was taken on a Saturday Night, around 1 am, at a place that is fairly insignificant by any measure that a college town could have. But this photo is extremely sentimental to me. This was a night I felt I truly got to know two friends and become fully apart of a larger group of six friends. And while it is not like I have ever lacked things to do, places to go, or people to spend time with, the two people I was with that night and the larger group of six, really changed my outlook and gave me a place, to be apart of something I never knew I wanted. I am grateful for these friends and because of that this photo I randomly took of the ceiling means the world to me.

A Week of Productivity In Review September 27- October 3 2021

I apologize ahead of time for the lack of structure in this post. I am still not entirely sure how the weekly review will be formatted or structured, primarily this is a commitment and tool to make me think about my week. As far as this week goes I have been feeling a little under the weather (just a common cold) so while I can not say productivity “thrived” in these conditions, neither did it come to a halt. Once again keeping queues of tasks based on due date and priority continues to be beneficial. And while I do use Omnifocus I am beginning to see how more simple non-pro apps can work for me.

My recommendation for this week is if you do not already, whether it be Reminders or Google Tasks, find a check list system that organizes and works for you to take the pressure of your head. That was the saving grace of my week and maybe this next one it can be yours.

The Fever Dolls

Music Recommendation for Friday:

The Phantasm at Lake Wallenpaupack - EP by Fever Dolls

In starting a new era for this blog, I had to chose a selection of music that started a new era of myself. The Fever Dolls influenced how I feel about my music taste, before them I felt each song and every band I listened to was only appeasing my underdeveloped music taste. Nothing ever felt like what I wanted, it felt like a simple “good, I want more of this” or “bad, I don’t want more of this”. But this changed with the Fever Dolls. Each single they produced (and later the collection in the deluxe edition of The Phantasm at Lake Wallenpaupack) had a weird slant on different styles of music that feels like home, no matter where you are or where you are from. Their own website refers to them as a music variety act and genre-bending. And they fulfill on that promise in every song. It will change how you perceive your taste in music, and loosen up any strong feelings you have on what “genres” mean in music. I cannot recommend it enough This album means something very specific to me, it means growing up, it means moving forward and it means being content. Check it out, I hope it does the same for you.

Hello World

I say this because starting now I have a new posting schedule for my website that I plan to start this coming week. From now on the schedule will (hopefully!) be as follows:

Monday: A Random Recommendation or A Photo and Story

Tuesday: Upcoming Product I think looks interesting

Wednesday: A tool I am using that I appreciated

Thursday: News that seems both interesting to me

Friday: Music recommendation

Saturday: A Week In Review of Productivity. What worked well for me and what didn’t.

Everything I post here will be crossposted to Twitter at @dustin_buch so please follow me there and let me know what you think. I appreciate any and all feedback.

I hope you have a good week,

Dustin Bucher

UPDATE: Since this post I continue to work and refine what I think my schedule should be and what posts encourage and inspire me. All changes I make to my schedule should be reflected on my About page.

Today I did the first episode of my new radio show: The Mountain Goats Explored, at WIUX 99.1 FM Bloomington, and I can honestly say while it wasn’t the smoothest or the best show I am proud of how it turned out for a first one. Looking forward to many more.

2021 The year Microsoft got its UI together (Hopefully)

Sorry if my posts come out weird, I am working on using a new tool for writing to Twitter and my blog.

Recently while at the mall I got the opportunity to get this stereo, relatively cheap for my bedroom. So far so good, I love listening to The Mountain Goats on it!

I am grateful for summer and the opportunity it gives me to rewrite my websites.

There is nothing like a week where you hardly have time to breathe to help set things into perspective, such as what project you’d rather be working on!

Dawson & I have posted the second episode of our new productivity podcast Due By Midnight, This episode is on Calendars/Scheduling as students, Check it Out!

Today I finally got a little bit of time to reorganize my notes, and reconfigure how I file stuff. Now, I feel ~refreshed~

Due By Midnight Podcast!

Hello! Recently my friend Dawson Reprogle and I created a new podcast called “Due By Midnight” all about how we stay attempt to stay productive and the tools we use as students. We’ve worked hard to make it available everywhere where you listen to podcasts (iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, etc.) I hope that you give it a shot if you are productivity oriented, and/or a student. If you are willing to listen please give feedback, I would be really appreciated .

Our website is but as previously stated you can find us wherever you get your podcasts.

I think it’s time to deploy the nuclear solution of wiping my Mac and reinstalling the necessities for Spring cleaning. 😜

The Things That Comfort Us

I think right now is as good of a time as any to share what comforts us in times that are uncertain and troubling. I know not everything that works for me will work for others so hopefully bellow you can find at least one thing that works for you. Whether you do or don’t I hope you will also take this as an opportunity to share the things that comfort you with others who might be struggling, and maybe help them through this.


The Mountain Goats: * Beat the Champ (Album), * The Jordan Lake Sessions Volumes 1 and 2 (Album) Green Day: * American Idiot - The Original Broadway Cast Recording (Album) Fever Dolls: * Adeline (Single), * Gennifer Flowers (Single), * The Distance (Single),


  • The Big Lebowski,
  • Knives Out,

TV Shows:

  • Community,
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine,
  • The Flash,
  • New Girl,

Reminder these are not necessarily what I consider to be the best in these categories but the most comforting ones.

For anyone who is under great stress, I would like to reccomend something that has helped me lately.…

Today I set my phone to delete any messages older than 30 days, and it felt good. I’m ready to start 2021 with peace.

Mail Day! I’m very excited for my Cortex Theme System Journal!!!

Here is a photo that I left out of my last upload

The other day on a walk I took a few photos I feel turned out good, please enjoy.

Happy Holidays! I finally have fixed my sleep schedule and love being able to enjoy the mornings again.