scheduleJuly 22, 2021

Today I did the first episode of my new radio show: The Mountain Goats Explored, at WIUX 99.1 FM Bloomington, and I can honestly say while it wasn’t the smoothest or the best show I am proud of how it turned out for a first one. Looking forward to many more.

scheduleJune 22, 2021

Sorry if my posts come out weird, I am working on using a new tool for writing to Twitter and my blog.

scheduleJune 22, 2021

Recently while at the mall I got the opportunity to get this stereo, relatively cheap for my bedroom. So far so good, I love listening to The Mountain Goats on it!

scheduleMay 30, 2021

I am grateful for summer and the opportunity it gives me to rewrite my websites.

There is nothing like a week where you hardly have time to breathe to help set things into perspective, such as what project you’d rather be working on!

Dawson & I have posted the second episode of our new productivity podcast Due By Midnight, This episode is on Calendars/Scheduling as students, Check it Out!

Today I finally got a little bit of time to reorganize my notes, and reconfigure how I file stuff. Now, I feel ~refreshed~

Due By Midnight Podcast!

Hello! Recently my friend Dawson Reprogle and I created a new podcast called “Due By Midnight” all about how we stay attempt to stay productive and the tools we use as students. We’ve worked hard to make it available everywhere where you listen to podcasts (iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, etc.) I hope that you give it a shot if you are productivity oriented, and/or a student. If you are willing to listen please give feedback, I would be really appreciated .

Our website is but as previously stated you can find us wherever you get your podcasts.

I think it’s time to deploy the nuclear solution of wiping my Mac and reinstalling the necessities for Spring cleaning. 😜

scheduleJanuary 6, 2021

The Things That Comfort Us

I think right now is as good of a time as any to share what comforts us in times that are uncertain and troubling. I know not everything that works for me will work for others so hopefully bellow you can find at least one thing that works for you. Whether you do or don’t I hope you will also take this as an opportunity to share the things that comfort you with others who might be struggling, and maybe help them through this.


The Mountain Goats: * Beat the Champ (Album), * The Jordan Lake Sessions Volumes 1 and 2 (Album) Green Day: * American Idiot - The Original Broadway Cast Recording (Album) Fever Dolls: * Adeline (Single), * Gennifer Flowers (Single), * The Distance (Single),


  • The Big Lebowski,
  • Knives Out,

TV Shows:

  • Community,
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine,
  • The Flash,
  • New Girl,

Reminder these are not necessarily what I consider to be the best in these categories but the most comforting ones.

scheduleJanuary 6, 2021

Today I set my phone to delete any messages older than 30 days, and it felt good. I’m ready to start 2021 with peace.

Mail Day! I’m very excited for my Cortex Theme System Journal!!!

The other day on a walk I took a few photos I feel turned out good, please enjoy.

Happy Holidays! I finally have fixed my sleep schedule and love being able to enjoy the mornings again.

My Favorite Album of 2020

One of the most influential pieces of media to me that came out in 2020 is the album “Getting into Knives” by The Mountain Goats. In mid-2019 I had a now close friend introduced me to the band, with their songs Possum by Night and This Year. This is the first album of theirs I have been able to experience of the release of. During trying times it has meant the world to me. If you’re looking for new music, or just have the extra time I recommend giving it a listen.

Personally, I enjoy the first and last song of the album especially. Like most albums by The Mountain Goats, the best way to listen is to start at the begining and listen to it as a story until the end.

I have finally started my blog at, and I am excited to see what this will become…