Music Recommendation for Friday:

The Phantasm at Lake Wallenpaupack - EP by Fever Dolls

In starting a new era for this blog, I had to chose a selection of music that started a new era of myself. The Fever Dolls influenced how I feel about my music taste, before them I felt each song and every band I listened to was only appeasing my underdeveloped music taste. Nothing ever felt like what I wanted, it felt like a simple “good, I want more of this” or “bad, I don’t want more of this”. But this changed with the Fever Dolls. Each single they produced (and later the collection in the deluxe edition of The Phantasm at Lake Wallenpaupack) had a weird slant on different styles of music that feels like home, no matter where you are or where you are from. Their own website refers to them as a music variety act and genre-bending. And they fulfill on that promise in every song. It will change how you perceive your taste in music, and loosen up any strong feelings you have on what “genres” mean in music. I cannot recommend it enough This album means something very specific to me, it means growing up, it means moving forward and it means being content. Check it out, I hope it does the same for you.