Windows 11 Notepad Redesign

Credit for image goes to @FireCubeStudios on Twitter

This update is mainly, if not only in aesthetics but was much needed. Prior to this Notepad was rocking a decently Windows 8 look and was insufferable to use even if just for simple editing of a .config file, let alone doing anything substantial. Despite being a Mac user first, this update will make the work I do use Windows for a little less painful.

But if I can use this as a jumping off point; this update highlights some of the best features of the Windows 11 redesign, increased touch-ability, but wrapped in a sleek, modern design from the bottom up. This should be the model all Windows apps take moving forward. The big problem is that Windows isn’t taking this approach everywhere. The best example is if you right click on text in Windows 11, “Copy”, “Paste” and “Cut” no longer have words next to them in the menu, instead they are traded for simple icons. This can be gotten used to but is not user-friendly or expected behavior at all. It really brings into question is the Future of Windows 11, really to fix inconsistencies in Windows 10 or is it to stick us with a new layer of unusual UI for the decade?

This was inspired by this article by Andrew Cunningham.